Afterschool Clubs

The Mini Handball concept is to create ‘Handball Hubs’ consisting of clusters of afterschool and community clubs that train separately on a weekly basis and come together in a centralised tournament in each school area each half term.

All our afterschool clubs run in conjunction with school half terms, giving children the opportunity to sign up for 6 blocks of 6 weeks throughout the school year.

How our afterschool clubs work

A 6-week block includes

  • 1 hour after school session per week.
  • Free T-Shirt. This will be replaced if/when required.
  • Half termly tournament playing against the local Mini Handball Clubs.
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Mini Handball Tournaments

At the end of each 6 week block, all Mini Handball Teams are invited to play at a centralised location in each school area.

By signing up to your after school club, every child has the opportunity to play as their School Club Team in the Half Termly Tournaments.

A minimum of 5 children from each school are required to enter a team into the league and school clubs may enter more than one team if there are sufficient numbers in their age group.

Community clubs and schools that don’t run a weekly club may also enter the league for a small cost and full details can be found on the booking page.
Get in touch if you would like to enter a team.

Find afterschool clubs in your area

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